iTSELF Project

Re-designing and co-creating innovative cultural heritage services through libraries

The project consortium consists of six organizations from which two are libraries – National Library of Latvia and Belgrade city Library that are involved in and provide adult education activities in national and in regional level. Strong academic background for adult education tools and methods will be provided by three universities (Tallinn University, Hacettepe University and Universite De Marne La Vallee) and innovation ensured by the foundation Stichting Project Realisatie van Initiatieven door Modulatie van Entrepreneurschap that engages in innovative adult education and training activities.

Consumers are becoming increasingly connected by the growth of affordable mobile (smart) technology. It is necessary to think upon new and innovative ways for acquiring, engaging and servicing these “connected consumers”. It is important to focus on changing the services available in cultural heritage and research institutions (libraries, museums, archives and universities) by applying innovative methods to promote cultural heritage in general.

The roles of cultural heritage and research institutions and as well role of the information professionals will continue to transform due to the rapid development of digital media. Due to these changes library is becoming more than a place to preserve the cultural heritage, it is evolving to educational and research center, it is adopting the new (smart) technologies and becoming a multicultural institution. Therefore libraries are chosen as the main instrument and librarians and information specialists (also as adult educators) as the main target group to implement new methodologies and to re-design existing and co-create innovative services to promote cultural heritage.